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What is Contact?

Contact is an NFC company with a goal to help you share your digital information in a new and exciting way.

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Why choose us?

Our solutions cater to professionals and teams of all kinds. Whether you're an individual or part of a larger team, we provide mobile and deskotop-ready solutions that are perfect for any company.

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Transform encounters into unforgettable experiences.

Our solution goes beyond mere introductions, turning each encounter into an unforgettable experience. Easily share your digital business card, fostering connections that leave a lasting impression.

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Seamless Sharing, Simplified Collaboration

We streamline the sharing process, allowing you to exchange contact details, share documents, and collaborate on projects with a simple tap. Effortiessly share your digital presence, including social media profiles, websites, and more!

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Style that Reflects Your Individuality

At Contact, we believe that technology should enhance your personal style, not compromise it. Our designs seamlessly blend with your outfits, offering a fashionable accessory, or opt for cards that easily fit into your wallet, becoming a versatile addition to your daily essentials.

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Inspire and Be Inspired

At Contact Wearables, we are not just about technology – we are about sparking creativity and collaboration. By embracing our innovative wearables, you become part of a community that inspires others. Make every connection count, be the catalyst for innovation, and create a ripple effect of inspiration that extends beyond yourself.

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Unlock the Potential of Connectivity

Embark on a journey of connection, collaboration, and inspiration with Contact Company. Discover the power of our innovative wearables and unleash your potential to connect, create, and thrive. Elevate your style, expand your network, and embrace the future of connectivity.

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Experience the Future of Connection

Join us on this exciting adventure where connections deepen, sharing simplifies, and inspiration becomes the driving force. Step into a world of limitless possibilities, where staying connected is effortless and meaningful connections are just a tap away. Connect. Share. Inspire. Together, let’s shape the future of connectivity.


Facilitating connections is at the heart of Contact Wearables


Sharing is no longer a chore, but a simple, elegant gesture.


We're about sparking creativity and collaboration.

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Stay ahead of the curve with our innovative Contact Company app, tailored to enhance your business. Seamlessly accept contactless payments, streamline transactions, and explore new possibilities in the world of wearable technology. Get started with Contact Company today and revolutionize your business interactions.