Wooden Woven

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Our Flagship Functions

Quick Contact Sharing:

  • Tap to exchange business cards instantly.

Stylish Accessory:

  • Sophisticated design that complements any outfit.

Versatile Functionality:

  • Share payment links, emergency contacts, and more.

High-Quality Craftsmanship:

  • Made from premium materials for durability.

Enhanced NFC Readability:

  • Optimized for the best performance.

Transform Encounters into Unforgettable Experiences

Our solution goes beyond introductions, turning each encounter into a memorable experience. Easily share your digital business card, fostering lasting connections.

Seamless Sharing, Simplified Collaboration

We streamline sharing, allowing you to exchange contact details, share documents, and collaborate on projects with a simple tap. Effortlessly share your digital presence, including social media profiles, websites, and more.

Style that Reflects Your Individuality

At Contact Co., technology enhances your personal style, not compromises it. Our designs seamlessly blend with your outfits, offering a fashionable accessory. Choose our cards that easily fit into your wallet, becoming a versatile addition to your daily essentials.